Taekkyon Sydney, Australia.


Taekkyon, Sydney. - 택견, 시드니.


  Taekkyon is a martial art which combines fight and rhythm.

  Making use use of circular hand motions, and rhythmic foot movements, a Taekkyon practitioner strikes or trips up  an opponent. There are many tripping, throwing, and kicking techniques used in Taekkyon.

  The graceful movements of a well-trained Taekkyon practitioner can explode with enormous flexibility and strength. Thus teakkyon fights can become a very athletic spectacle within the blink of an eye.

  The feet play as important a role as do the hands. There are many jumps, high and mutiple kicks in the advanced level. Most of all, taekkyon is specialised in high kicks, low kicks, sweeps, hooking, tripping, and throwing. That is why Taekkyon was called "百技神通飛脚術" by the Chinese, which is translated as

  "100 amazing flying leg techniques".

  Teakkyon consists of most types of techniques of the martial arts such as,

  •Hand(punching, pushing, fingers etc.) •Head (head butts) •Shoulder push, elbow, knee etc.

  •Joint locks •Pressure points, choking etc.

  •Kicks •Throwing •Wrestling

  The only techniques Taekkyon does not teach is what is known today as grappling. Which is on the ground as practiced in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and in Judo.

Taekkyeon is an effective martial art which highlights a broad variety of offensive and defensive skills, and fighting methods.


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